Virtual | July 18 | 10am - 2:15pm EST

Mind Your Coaching Institute

"The Other Side of Coaching"

A LIVE virtual event to help you master the art of coaching

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Master the foundational skills you need to be an effective instructional coach in just one day!

By attending the Mind Your Coaching Institute, you'll learn:

  • How to develop a coaching mindset
  • What it takes to develop a powerful coaching vision statement
  • How to develop meaningful and achievable coaching goals
  • The importance of developing and nurturing interpersonal skills and how they can elevate your coaching
  • How to recognize and work with the top three leadership styles commonly found in schools
  • The answers to your most burning coaching questions answered by expert coaches in the field
  • "The 21 Laws of Instructional Coaching" BONUS video mini-class (early registration only)

Welcome to the Mind Your Coaching Institute

Your Registration Includes

  • A Participant's Workbook
  • A 7-day Replay
  • Continuing Education Units Available
  • A certificate of participation (available upon request)
  • Access to The After Hour: Kick It With The Coach Casual Conversations

Use This Time To Make a Plan And Be Prepared For A Successful Coaching Year!

What Do You Get With the LIVE Institute?

First Hour: How do you work with different leadership styles? In the first session, Melanie describes and shows you three types of leadership styles commonly found in schools and what to do and how you can work with each of them successfully. 

Second Hour: How do you develop a mindset that will improve your coaching and keep you sane? In this session, Melanie will detail how developing a coaching mindset greatly impacts your relationship with teachers and how to avoid barriers to adopting a coaching mindset. 

Third Hour: How do you craft a good coaching plan? By creating a solid vision statement paired with achievable goals. In the third session, Melanie shares her process for creating a vision statement and personal and professional goals that will give you a plan designed for success. 

Fourth Hour: How do you connect and partner with teachers so you get the best coaching work done? By implementing interpersonal skills in your practice in the least amount of time? Hear how Melanie pinpoints specific skills that will improve your coaching work from behind the scenes. In addition, our panel of experts will be ready to answer your burning coaching questions.

The After Hour:  Come and "Kick it With The Coach" after the Mind Your Coaching Institute for a casual conversation. Everyone's invited. This will be an open mic affair where you can ask more questions and network with one another. Bring your favorite beverage as we unwind after a day's worth of learning.

Early Registration Bonus Video: What are The 21 Laws of Instructional Coaching? Melanie guides you through each of the laws. She explains what coaches should and should not do in order to survive in the coaching world. Melanie will walk you through each law In this bonus video, that you can watch over and over again.

The replay of the LIVE Institute will be available exclusively for 7  days after the LIVE broadcast.

Meet Your Host!

Owner & Founder, Literacy at Work Educational Consulting & Coaching

Melanie Matthews

Melanie founded Literacy at Work, LLC in 2008 after recognizing a critical need of quality literacy instruction in the classroom. After teaching students and leading educators, Melanie expanded Literacy at Work to include training and development for Instructional Coaches to develop school and organizational leaders.

Melanie is a certified educator and Reading Specialist with more than two decades of experience in various areas of education. She is a national trainer, consultant, speaker, and k-12 instructional coach. Melanie taught grades 1, 2, 4, 6 and 7. In addition to being a Literacy Coach, Melanie was a regional instructional coach serving six cities in the Midwest. She's currently a district literacy coach and a national educational consultant.

Meet The Panelists!

Owner, Simply Coaching + Teaching

Nicole S. Turner

Nicole is an educational consultant, author, owner, and creative director at Simply Coaching + Teaching, LLC. She is the creator of the Simply Coaching Summit, the first and only virtual summit exclusively for instructional coaches and teacher leaders and the author of "Simply Instructional Coaching". She serves teachers and students in the capacity of an Instructional Coach in Indianapolis, IN. Nicole has 15 years of K-12 classroom and leadership experience from classroom teacher to school improvement and turnaround specialist for the Indiana Department of Education.

Owner, Seeds of Knowledge Creative Learning Center

ChaVonne McGowan

Chavonne has 20 years of instructional and administrative experience. She's served as a middle school and high school principal and educational consultant that provided leadership to turnaround schools for behavior and academic interventions. She's the owner and director of Seeds of Knowledge Creative Learning Center, LLC a progressive year-round daycare/preschool providing Metro Detroit Area families with a focus on early literacy, collaborative family atmosphere, an inspiring environment that encourages exploration, creativity, and social-emotional growth.

District Literacy Coach

Kathleen Plond

Kathleen is a doctoral student in Reading, Language, and Literacy at Wayne State University. with 10 years of classroom teaching and instructional coaching experience, She has presented at several area conferences including the Michigan Reading Association, Michigan Association for the Education of Young Children, and Michigan Council of Teachers of English. She's an active member of the Wayne County Literacy Learning Network. Presentations have focused on coaching and family literacy. When not working or studying, Kathleen enjoys spending time with her family.


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Start the day with a healthy breakfast before the LIVE Institute begins.


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After Hour: Kick It With The Coach


Will there be a replay of the Live Institute?

Yes. The replay will be available 2 hours after the live broadcast. You will receive an email when it is ready. You have 7 days to view the replay.

What time does the MYCI start? How long will it last?

The Institute begins at 10:00 am EST and ends at 2:15 pm EST. There will be a 15-minute break between the morning and afternoon sessions.

Once I register, can I just share my link with my team?

Each registration is only valid for one user per registration. If you want to sign up your team or share the Institute with a friend, send them to

Are alternatives forms of payment accepted?

Yes. You can also pay by money order. Send it along with your registration form.

What about refunds?

Read more about the refund policy here.

Can I ask you a question?

Sure, just email me at


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